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Ancestral connection to remember, revive & reclaim your innate gifts.

Will you remember, sweet soul?

Image by Steven Kamenar

you do not have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you.
you could be water and soft river your way to freedom too.

— nayyirah waheed 


I am a Truth seeker, a healer, an intuitive, a cycle breaker. A projector in Human Design. Sag Sun, Pisces Moon, Cancer Rising. 


As a Woman of Color, immigrant from Colombia and carrier of ancient wisdom from my Indigenous ancestry, being a messenger of this work is my life force. I dream of a world where humans, especially BIPOC, remember who they were before the world told them who to be. 


It is my greatest honor to lead you into the deepest depths of your soul to reclaim everything you have lost your way from and remember the way back home. 


Through the different elements & threads I incorporate in my work, you will be guided to journey through a soul liberation path.


One where you will be invited to restore the sacredness of your life and your vessel, remember the ancestral wisdom that lies within, honor the imperfect humaness that you hold with grace and tender care, and reclaim the Truths you have forgotten due to systems of oppression. 

And through it all, my role is to shine a light on your own light….so that you may remember that everything you seek is WITHIN.


Welcome to the portal of accessing the ancient wisdom that you hold to create an intimate, unshakeable connection with your own Being & the world around you.


It is my greatest joy to walk alongside you on your journey of the remembrance & reclamation of your deepest Truth.

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Simple Floral Image Spring Quotes Instag
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