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Welcome, Sweet Soul.

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I am Angela. As an intuitive guide, ancestral wisdom keeper, healer, writer and old soul, I am in deep devotion to activating, facilitating and opening portals for you to remember the Truths & medicine that lie within.


Through intuitive channeling, energy work, ritual, ancestral healing, Earth medicine, shadow love, emotional release alchemy and embodiment, we explore the inner depths of your soul on a path to awakening and reclaiming the divine parts of you that you have forgotten along your path. 


Your peace. Your mysticism. Your ancestral gifts. Your power. Your light. Your divinity. Your bigness. Your LIBERATION.


For when you liberate yourself, you liberate your lineage. And this liberation sends a ripple of healing throughout generations to come.


Using a potent ancestral remembrance lense, we will unearth the ancient wisdom that lies within so that you may step more deeply into your fullest expression, light, never-ending love and Truth. 


And on this path, may you remember that all of you — the raw, the human, the messy —  is sacred..and always welcome here.

As a woman with Indigenous ancestry, I feel strongly connected to the Earth, plant medicine, animals, dance as movement, cyclical living, living by the stars & moon, & creation as spirituality. All things I teach & infuse into my life’s work.


I see you deeply because I am you.


You are a seeker of the deepest Truth and that is why you’re here. 


All of my life I’ve been searching for a deeper meaning. Because fuck surface level shit, I CRAVED THE DEPTHS. The raw, the dark, the light, the real. All of it.


Despite me searching fiercely for more, I lived my entire life in a state of utter disconnection from myself & the world around me.


I searched for the thing my soul craved the most but I was so disconnected from my own wisdom, the Earth and Spirit that I could not see it.

I lived for validation from others. I lived in a state of reactivity and anger for the way my chaotic childhood played out. I constantly sought answers outside of my Self. I didn't really know who I was outside of my achievements. I numbed out in the hopes of making the pain go away. I hid my light for years because of a deep fear of being seen. I shut out love through decades of walls built out of protection, creating my own prison that I did not know how to escape from. I lived on autopilot and chased the false success this capitalist society tries to sell us. 

I lived a life based solely on fear, completely separated from the Truth of who I truly was.

And it was painful.


Step by step, I started to face all of these woundings in order to heal and transform them. I began to understand how my identity as a WOC & immigrant played a part in my disconnection with the world. I started to ask for support from humans and Spirit & the ancestors because I knew I did not have the strength to do it alone. I bravely confronted the unconscious patterns I was looping on out of pure survival passed down for centuries in my lineage. I unapologetically began to own the parts of myself that were rooted in fear so they would stop owning me.


And after years of doing the inner work individually, in community and under mentorship, I found a newfound freedom that lied in stepping out of fear and into my Truth and power. I awoke to my intuitive gifts that now divinely guide me in my own life and in my purpose work. I activated my ancestral wisdom through communing intimately with the collective energy of my ancestors. I healed centuries of ancestral woundings that were wreaking havoc on my spirit. I learned to rejoice in the parts of myself that felt wild and raw, for they are the guiding light back into the divinity that lives within me. I created a life full of love and play that is rooted in the choice of coming home to myself every single day over and over again. I commune with my Spirit guides, ancestors & God on the daily, allowing them to guide me as I co-create with them a reality that I'm enamored by.


And I’m here to show you how you can create a similar reality in your own way - not only for YOU but for your lineage.

Simple Floral Image Spring Quotes Instag
Simple Floral Image Spring Quotes Instag

This journey is an invitation to remember to...

Dance freely for the humans before you who could not be free.

Speak your Truth loudly for the humans before you who could not speak.

Love wildly for the humans before you who could not love.

Heal your wounds bravely for the humans before you who could not heal.

And through this, may you create a ripple effect of change through a new way of being for your lineage.


A new way of connecting, speaking, showing up, dancing, playing, finding peace, resting, seeking pleasure, praying, working, creating art, loving…

A new way of BEING FREE in the most simple ways through operating from a heart that is wide OPEN.


I promise you, sweet are here on this path with me because you were chosen.

You are called to this deep work because you are a cycle breaker. 


I honor you for walking on this courageous path, for it is not for everyone.

And yet, you are here.

And you were chosen. 


All the answers you need are within you. My role is to shine a light of radiant love to provide tools & guidance and gently open you up to go deeper in your experience so that you may find the answers you desire within with the support of the Spirit world.


And so you will. 


It would be my greatest honor to swim into the deepest depths together.

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