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A self-paced spiritual foundation building journey

for Women & Femmes of Color 

Sweet soul,


Do you crave a soul freedom so deep it opens you up to embody your fullest expression of Self?


Do you desire to own all the parts of yourself that you’ve been running from so that they longer own you?


Does the thought of creating an unshakeable connection with yourself and the world around you engulf every inch of your being? 


Do you wish to sit so fully in trust in yourself and Spirit where you feel so held, safe & grounded that worries seemingly simply melt away?


Are you done letting the oppressor chain you to ideas and beliefs that keep you as far away from your Truth and power as possible?

Image by Jaimie Phillips

What would it look like to understand and embody your power to live a soul-led life that is built on self trust & divine co-creation?

What would it feel like to come back home to the true essence of who you really are at your core?

What if you had the tools to feel ALIVE in your body and anchor into a DEEP and intimate connection with yourself & everything around you in this human experience?


It’s time to reclaim your Truth.


The time is now to break free from the disempowering stories this world has put on you. Before you are human, you are a soul filled with ancient wisdom. This wisdom is your life force, it is the divinity that lives within.

We must unearth this ancient wisdom and bring it back into your beingness. This is a remembrance into who you were before the world told you who to be. 

This journey of liberation is meant to bring you back to your wholeness, to your Truth, to your peace.

You are DIVINE, sweet soul.



A self-paced immersion program for Women & Femmes of Color to call on their ancestral strength to reclaim their innate power, remember their Truth, & unearth the divinity within for a life full of wild soul freedom, self-sovereignty & unapologetic devotion to Self.




In a world that is so set on not giving you your peace, sourcing your peace and power from within is your greatest warcry. Remember and develop the ancient ancestral wisdom, infinite power and divine worthiness that lies within you as you walk alongside Spirit in a path of liberated co-creation of the reality that fills your soul up.


Together we will dismantle & heal beliefs, thoughts & ways of being born from systems of oppression that have kept us away from our Truth for far too long.

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RIT logo (3000 x 750 px).png


Incorporating intuitive guidance & channeling, ritual work, meditations, journaling and somatic energy & body work, you will come back home into the peace, safety and rootedness of your true being.

This is the journey back into the home where you feel the most held, always. 


In order for there to be a rebirth, there must be a death. Fear not, this death will be a beautiful shedding of past versions of you that have served you well but their mission is complete now. Your evolution awaits.


Preparing The Temple: Opening Self-Ceremony

Slow + gentle is how we approach things. Let’s get your body and soul ready to receive and move into Spirit-led action as you set intentions, clear space and ground into your self-immersion.


Unearthing Your Divine Worthiness

Sweet soul, you are infinitely worthy in your birthright. You will explore how to practice the art of loving yourself, shadow work & being unafraid to take up space for innate power unearthing to make your ancestors proud.


Rest: Gentle

Integration Week

Process the first two weeks of being on this self-immersion journey by honoring slow and gentle integration.


This week is meant to make space for rest, reflection & tender care.


Emotions As Divine Messengers

We take our power back by noticing, feeling, owning and releasing our emotions. Learn to befriend your emotions & embrace them as divine messengers who have come to you help you move through a deeper part of your healing. 


Ancestral Healing:

Rewriting Generational Stories

Unlearn decades of beliefs, thoughts & patterns that were never meant to be part of your Truth. Learn to identify & break generational stories and cycles that keep you small. THIS is ancestral healing: when you heal, your entire lineage heals too.


Rest: Gentle

Integration Week

You have moved through a lot, it's time to release & make space to grieve the past version of you that existed until now.


Integrate with a self-guided cleansing ceremony & inward reflections. This week is meant for rest, reflection & tender care.


It is now time to awaken the parts of you that you have made space for in your shedding. This is where you rise, call on your ancestral strength and activate the depths of your Truth through a new way of being of living in trust of the great mystery that is unfolding before you.


Phase 1: The Shedding

Liberating Your Soul’s Essence

Let's explore what it means to live a heart-led life. Uncover what your soul Truth truly is and come out of hiding to unapologetically step into your purpose. Discover the Truth Compass that desires to guide you on your path and learn to embody the essence of what your soul came here to do.


Devotion: Reclaiming Your Intuition

Learning to trust yourself is trusting the ancestral Truth that lives within you. Reimagine your relationship with

Spirit/God/Source for empowered co-creation led by your intuition, learn to be in deep unapologetic devotion to Self, and activate your inner ancient wisdom to hear what the Universe wants for you.


Devotion: Accessing Body Wisdom

We're getting deeeep into the body a.k.a. the great vessel and making it a home. The body is connected to our intuition and the more we trust it, the more it trusts us. Explore how to create a relationship with your temple through devotional care, safety, embodiment rituals & emotional alchemy and release. 


Making Space For The Transformation

Get comfortable moving into action in your external world as you navigate your inner transformation. Learn to create safety within, take stock of what’s no longer serving you and drop into deep trust & surrender with Spirit/the Universe as you co-create a new reality & way of being that you feel enamored by.


Integrating the Experience: Closing Self-Ceremony

Reflect & celebrate the remembrance & magic that transpired throughout your immersion. Lead yourself through a closing self-ceremony to integrate your journey and learn different integration rituals to support you in embodying this experience in your everyday life. 


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This is a reclamation of Self.

A journey back into who you were before the world told you who to be.

A remembrance of the most intimate depths of your soul. 

A warcry built on breaking harmful cycles in the name of your ancestors who sacrificed everything.

An honoring of the power you hold as a co-creator of your most expansive reality.

An anchoring into deep trust, safety & stability that you can only find within.

A recovery of the medicine, gifts and ancient wisdom that live within you. 

A ceremony of celebration of how divine and worthy you are.

A sacred rebellion against a world whose deepest desire is to keep you small.


A homecoming, a soul activation, an unearthing of your power.





Hi love,


I’m Angela. I see you deeply because I am you.


You are a seeker of the deepest Truth and that is why you’re here. 


All of my life I’ve been searching for a deeper meaning. Because fuck surface level shit, I CRAVED THE DEPTHS. The raw, the dark, the light, the real. All of it.


Despite me searching fiercely for more, I lived my entire life in a state of utter disconnection from myself & the world around me.


I searched for the thing my soul craved the most but I was so disconnected from my own wisdom, the Earth and Spirit that I could not see it.

I lived for validation from others. I constantly sought answers outside of my Self. I didn't really know who I was outside of my achievements. I numbed out in the hopes of making the pain go away. I hid my light for years because of a deep fear of being seen. I shut out love through decades of walls built out of protection, creating my own prison that I did not know how to escape from. I lived on autopilot and chased the false success this capitalist society tries to sell us. 

I lived a life based solely on fear, completely separated from the Truth of who I truly was.

And it was painful.


I started to face all of these woundings in order to heal and transform them. I had to understand how my identity as a WOC & immigrant played a part in my disconnection with the world. I had to confront the unconscious patterns I was looping on out of pure survival. I had to own these parts of myself so they would stop owning me.


And after years of doing the inner work individually and in community, I found a newfound freedom that lied in stepping out of fear and into my Truth and power. I awoke to my intuitive gifts that now divinely guide me in my own life and in my purpose work. I healed centuries of ancestral woundings that were wreaking havoc on my spirit. I learned to rejoice in the parts of myself that felt wild and raw, for they are the guiding light back into the divinity that lives within me. I created a life that is rooted in the choice of coming home to myself every single day over and over again. I commune with my Spirit guides, ancestors & God on the daily, allowing them to guide me as I co-create with them a reality that I'm enamored by.


And I’m here to show you how you can create a similar reality in your own way.


All the answers you need are within you. As your Intuitive Guide, my role is to shine a light of radiant love to give you the tools & guidance and open you up to go deeper in your experience so that you may find the answers you desire within.


And so you will. 


☽ Nine modules for self-study & immersion at your own pace with lifetime access & updates

☽ Practices, PDFs, videos, meditations, rituals & devotional tools for deep integration & embodiment

☽ A final self-integration practice at the end of each module to tie in & learn to embody each module's teachings

☽ Channeled divine messages for each module via Angela's channel

☽ 35% off 1:1 trauma-informed sessions with Angela for 1 year

☽ A playlist for music healing & remembrance, curated with flavors & themes carrying the essence of this journey

☽ 5 potent bonuses (including the playlist & discounted sessions) to take you deeper

☽ Space for gentle reflection & integration along your journey

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Image by Jaimie Phillips

STUDENT Experiences

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 12.18.07 PM.png

"I was guided back Home during Rooted in Truth. There were seeds planted long ago that I had forgotten about--parts of me that I hadn’t tended to for years but were still there, tucked deeply inside the soil, just waiting for me to come back to. In our journey, ...I gently moved through what was keeping me away from those seeds. Through vivid meditations, intentional activities and rituals, expansive reflection questions, and empowering knowledge, I was able to uncover and tap into the Divinity illuminating within.


These tools allowed me to sit with my inner child, communicate with my ancestors, dance with my shadows, and reclaim intuition and magic as my birthright. Rooted in Truth reminded me of who I am beneath the surface and how to nourish my garden so that it may flourish.


This journey was truly a gift from the Universe transmuted through Angela and I am so, so inexplicably grateful for receiving all the unconditional love, timeless wisdom, and unwavering strength to continue embarking on my spiritual journey."

Screen Shot 2021-07-08 at 12.20.41 PM.png

"I absolutely loved Rooted in Truth because it’s everything I stand for! I learned so much about myself...I grew so much as a soul.


It was such a beautiful & life changing experience.


My intuition, confidence, and visual artistry has strengthened. I came into this program with wanting to embrace and embody my power, and I definitely feel like I have...I am so excited and grateful to have this content forever!

I was impacted every week and still am...I gained more body confidence, more stillness and presence, more acceptance of who/where/what I am, and more curiosity to my cultural, soul, and cosmic ancestry."





I invite you to drop into your body, the closest physical expression of your Soul. 

Gently sit with it in stillness and take a moment to feel into what it desires, what it longs for, what it yearns for.


There is wisdom here. There is a deep knowing here.


It always has.


When you sign up, you will receive Module 1 + all bonuses immediately.


After that, new modules will be made available every week + you'll receive invitations to take integration breaks throughout your immersion. As some of the modules are dense, I want to encourage you to take space to integrate what you are absorbing even on a self-paced journey. 

After you have received all modules, it is up to you to flow with a pace that works for you.


Rooted in Truth Live + Rooted in Truth Self-Immersion are spaces for Women & Femmes of Color (WFOC) only, where we our honor brave and safe space as priority in equitable mentorship for BIPOC and those with marginalized identities. 

This is a place where our values align with advocating for social justice, where we acknowledge the privileges we may have and show up with compassion to uplift those who carry more marginalized identities than us. During the container, you will move through threads that will help you unpack toxic new age spirituality & reclaim the traditional spiritual rituals of your ancestral lineages.

May this immersion help you cultivate a sense of feeling safe, seen, heard and held in your lived experiences as we reclaim what is rightfully ours, call on our ancestral strength and dismantle beliefs, thoughts & patterns born from systems of oppression.

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✨35% off 1:1 Trauma-Informed Sessions with Angela for 1 year

One Payment



3-Month Payment Plan

 $99 x 3

6-Month Payment Plan

 $51 x 6

All prices are in USD. By submitting payment, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions

Anchor 1


☽ Discounted 1:1 trauma-informed sessions with Angela for 1 year


☽ Embodiment Ritual for Emotional Release

☽ Intuitive Muscle Testing Exercise: Learn Your Body's Yes & No 

☽ Ground Back Into Your Center Meditation

☽ The Rooted in Truth Experience playlist

Tropical Leaves


This remembrance journey will be an experience that changes the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

The Truth you activate within this container will forever change you and transform you.


For when you receive more of yourself, when you create a deep, rooted intimacy with your being, incredible shifts happen in your world. 

You will activate a new way of being free in the most simple ways through operating from a heart that is wide OPEN as you lead with sourcing trust & safety from within & the divine energies that sustain you.

And so it is.

  • Who is this program for?
    This cohort of Return To Your Roots was created for BIPOC who are: Immigrants and/or descendents of immigrants Artists, mystics, healers, witches/wizards, seekers, mothers/fathers, coaches, change-makers...who are cycle breakers and are the next generation of ancestors who create ripple effects of change throughout their lineages.
  • When will the live calls/journeys be? Will there be recordings if I can’t make it live?
    Our first group call/journey will be on Thursday, July 21st at a tentative 6pm CT; we will decide as a group if that time works for everyone. Since we have the advantage of this being an intimate group, we’ll be deciding as a group on the weekly call schedule moving forward so that we can ensure as best we can that everyone can be there live. All calls/journeys are recorded and posted within 48 hours and you can pre-submit any questions if you know you won’t be able to make it live.
  • Once I join, how soon will we get started?"
    We officially begin our journey together the week of July 18th during Cancer season, the astrological sign that rules ancestry, home & family. You will get access to the program's portal on Monday, July 11th & on Tuesday, July 19th we will have our first live group circle.
  • I identify as BIPOC or mixed race but have never been in a group program just for us. What can I expect?
    You can expect a comforting space that will feel like one of the greatest exhales you’ve taken in your life. Imagine being surrounded by other BIPOC who look like you, have similar life threads and who just f*cking GET IT because they’re also descendants of immigrants, the enslaved and/or the oppressed. I promise you, BIPOC need and desire more spaces like these and once you get a taste of it, you’ll wonder how you went so long without it.
  • I’m pretty introverted and group programs make me anxious, especially in a vulnerable topic like spirituality & ancestry. Is this program for me?"
    Beautiful! It just so happens that Return To Your Roots was designed by an introvert who works best in small groups. This cohort was always meant to be intimate (10 souls max) so we can create a nice and cozy space of journeying into the depths together in a tight container. I will encourage and invite you to remain open throughout the process *and* you will always have full agency in making this experience your own based on your level of comfort. During the live calls, you will have full agency over your camera settings and whether or not you choose to share. I can guarantee that this experience will crack you open and as long as you allow it, you will feel held (whatever that means for you) by the intimate group of souls who are on this journey with you.
  • Will I receive personal support from you (Angela)?
    To an extent, yes. By keeping this group intimate, my intention is to provide some 1:1 guidance in our private community group. I will also be available via email to support you, if needed.
  • How is the program content delivered?
    The program materials are shared as text & video content, as well as PDFs. In addition to our live call teachings, you’ll receive integration practices that will help you deepen what you're learning such as journaling reflections, meditations, rituals & ceremonies as well as somatic, body-based healing practices.
  • I want to join but struggle with accountability. Will there be accountability throughout?
    Yes! On the live calls/journeys, we will be including various ways to check in with each other and hold each other accountable in making space to work through the program. There will also be an opportunity to get matched with an accountability partner if that's something you desire and need. Our private community group will also help in keeping you accountable as you will have the opportunity to communicate in real-time with the other souls in the program.
  • I have other commitments right now and worry I won’t have time to fully immerse myself. How much time will I need to dedicate to this per week?
    With calls/journeys, videos and practices, this will take around 3 hours a week, give or take. During the first week, we have a “Clearing Space” section where I will walk you through setting a solid foundation for creating space in your daily life to dedicate time to this journey. I invite you to ask yourself: Is there really gonna be a time in the future when I feel less busy? Or is the busy-ness what’s keeping me from my healing & focusing on myself? Sometimes it might be true: You’ll have more capacity to be fully present at a later time. Sometimes, we need to break the story of “everything else first, me last”. Joining this program can be a great way to transform this pattern.
  • I've been doing this work on my own. What's special about doing it in community?
    Community creates deep, potent change! Past group program students would always say how powerful our live calls/circles were because of the way our energies would convene in real-time. Energy knows no bounds of time & space so when we commune in ritual together, you can *feel* the collective energy activating you. That's why when the collective energy of our group comes together, the shifts you will receive are increased tenfold as the healing energy multiplies when coming together in community. Plus, being able to feel truly held, seen & heard by others who understand your lived experiences is a profound healing journey on its own. And as BIPOC, we hold so much in our spirits & bodies from collective ancestral woundings & traumas. We *need* potent collective rituals for collective healing & liberation.


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